The cleaning and deepening of inland waters is carried out utilizing multifunctional dredger Watermaster Classic IV and amphibian machines Truxor.

Movement possibilities, functional diversity, high precision and shallow draft of dredgers allow us to perform works where other machinery cannot be used. All the equipment we use conform with environmental protection and other European standards and requirements.

Multifunctional dredgers Watermaster Classic IV are an ideal choice for clearing shores and banks, cleaning, deepening and maintaining lakes, pools, rivers and canals, driving piles and embedding cables and pipes into the bottom.

The company performs dredging works using multifunctional dredger „Watermaster Classic IV“ with pumping distance up to 1,5 km. and maximum 700 m3/h pump capacity against 2 bar head.

We specialize in marina and harbor maintenance dredging, cleaning of lakes, rivers, industrial ponds and canals – shallow water dredging from dry ground to 6 meters depth

The average annual amount of soil dredged and excavated by a dredger makes up to nearly 210,000 m3 of pure soil.

Works performed by Hidrum conform with the following quality standards: ISO 9001:208, ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007. Most of our specialists have 10-20 years of work experience in the cleaning and deepening of inland waters.

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