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Since 2005 Hidrum has been carrying out various projects in the Baltic States related to the cleaning and deepening of inland waters utilizing multifunctional dredging technologies. The company specializes in the cleaning of lakes, rivers, industrial pools and canals, the deepening of small harbours, supply of sand and gravel.

Works performed by Hidrum conform with the following quality standards: ISO 9001:208, ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007. Most of our specialists have 10-20 years of professional experience within the field.

Currently, the company is carrying out approximately 40% of all the projects, related to the lake and river restoration and shore clearing, implemented in Lithuania. In addition to the activities across Lithuania, Hidrum has also ensured the successful accomplishment of numerous projects in Latvia and Estonia. The majority of Hidrum’s contractors are public companies and municipalities.

The mobility and functionality of the utilised machinery allows us to perform such works which cannot be carried out by other machinery and in such areas which cannot be accessed by them machinery. Multipurpose dredger enables one to execute works not only in usual water bodies but also in marshes, shallow waters, industrial reservoirs, under bridges, in tunnels, narrow and shallow canals and the like. The diversed functionality of the machinery allows one to perform suction, bucket excavation, vegetation removal and other works using a single device and changing only nozzles. Due to this reason it is unnecessary to mobilize a lot of different machinery at the work site (dredgers, bucket excavators, tugboats, floating cranes and etc.), which always enables the company to ensure competitive price of works. The use of the noise-free, environmentally friendly and ecological machinery also allows us to execute works in protected areas (reserves, national and regional parks) and urban areas.

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